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Горизонтальные фаски кромки машина для стекла YMC341
  • Горизонтальные фаски кромки машина для стекла YMC341
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Модель: YMC341

Описание продукта Характеристики горизонтальной фаски кромки стекла машины больше безопасности и высокой точностью
energy сохранение
CE утвержденных и технического патент

Model YMC341Horizontal Beveling Glass Grinding Machine CE Approved  is a new glass processing equipment, which changes the traditional glass vertical chain of transmission. It uses level transmission timing belts to improve the grinding accuracy. It includes five systems: the control system, the grinding system, the nip&transmission system, the cooling system and the up-hold system. The whole structure is tight, the exterior is harmony and unity. The control system: Using double- sided meter dials, in order to monitor the operation of machine, voltage and current instructions on both sides to ensure the unusual situation discovered and resolved promptly. The grinding system: using high-speed and three-phase exchange electrical motor whose design life is 20 years to ensure the machine consistent stability in the long-term use. Grinding wheels use international pop techniques, ensuring the accuracy and polishing brightness achieving to the mirror effect. The nip &transmission system: choosing single whirlpool, double whirlpool, and shift exchange frequency conversion governor in the course of operation to make speed in a smooth transmission from 0 to 2 m to meet the requirement of different processes. The nip parts use imported timing belts with red plastic and material PU on its surface, which reduces the glass broken rate in the process of transmission. At the same time, it can also keep nip power enough between glass and timing belts so that glass doesn’t slip with timing belt to make the product achieve the required precision . The cooling system: adopting circulating water, double-pump and double water boxes to cool, and add cerium oxide polishing power in one box, to guarantee the circulating cooling water enough, and also guarantee the glass polish. The carrying on system: using timing belt carry-on rack which moves together with the nip cane location to reduce the large glass’surface scratch rate. The machine can be used in grinding flat glass’linear beveling edge with the angle scope from 5° to 30°. Rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing will be finished at one time and it can reach the mirror effect. Its smallest processing size is 25mm , filling the gaps of the international market. It is the best equipment for the glass deep processing enterprises.

Main techinal parameters :
Total weight:2400kg
Input voltage/frequency:~380V/50Hz
Process the glass thickness:3mm-25mm
Total power:14.24kw
Grinding speed:0-4m/min


Mini workable width:25mm

Wheels: 8 pcs

Using for:

  • Grinding bevel edge of decoration glass mosaic and small size craft glass;
  • Grinding bevel edge of decoration and furniture glass;
  • Processing straight-bevel edge of polygon glass.






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